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LOOKING FOR 5 PEOPLE this week in the Cumming, Johns Creek, or Alpharetta areas that are looking for a proven but risk-free way TO LOOK BETTER IN THE MIRROR! We’ve been doing this for nearly 12 years now and have it down to a science! 5 people a week ensure you each get the attention you deserve.

It’s a MONEY-BACK GUARANTEED solution that we’ve been seeing results with for years! Just check our FB or IG feeds for the proof!
And if we do show you results, you may have a lot to lose! Like extra body fat, a lack of confidence, or your perception that getting fit has to be boring!


Here’s the deal:
1. Set up an appointment, come in, and get a feel for the place. Ask all the questions.
2. Get a FREE Body Scan on our fancy InBody750 scanner to set your Benchmark . The scanner will tell you where and how much muscle you have along with your current body fat percentage. The results are yours regardless of whether you sign up or not!
3. Choose when and how long you want the Challenge to last. You can choose as little as 3 weeks or as many as 6! The longer the challenge, the more free CrossFit you win!
4. Come work out as much as you want!
5. We’ll do periodic scans to determine your progress.
6. If at the end of the challenge you haven’t seen either lower body fat percentages or less weight, you can choose to have your deposit refunded. Simple as that.

We’re so sure that our plan works, that we’re happy to give our free services away! It’s in our best interest to ensure you get the results you’re looking for!

The Deal makes sense, right?

If you’re still reading, just click the “Save My Spot” button below to enter your information and be taken to our calendar to set up your 30 minute onboarding appointment! See you then!

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